Classwk, introduction for instructors

Classwk is a high-quality homework system for use at the high school and college levels. It is also adaptable for in-class tests.

Our experience in this field goes back to 1992.

The subjects covered are physics and mathematics. Other subjects (biology, chemistry, and computer science) may be available on request.

Classwk does not have a slick appearance. Color is used for color-coding, not for esthetics. It and other resources are used to simplify your job, not for decoration.

Each student gets a unique version of each question. This prevents students from copying each other's work. Grading and record-keeping are automatic.

The problems are high-quality and well tested.

The cost is $10 per semester per student, payable by the students themselves through PayPal. The PayPal interface causes very little trouble. The $10 fee is small compared with books, tuition, and other standard student expenses.

Alternatively, the cost can be paid for all the students at once by the institution.

For further information, please email